Goal 1 : Graduates of Clinical Exercise Physiology will be prepared to practice as an entry level clinical exercise physiologist.

  • SLO 1 : Students will learn how to perform clinical assessments prior to exercise testing for training in accordance with the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) guidelines.
  • SLO 2 : Students will learn how to perform exercise tests for both apparently healthy individuals and with persons with disease in accordance with the ACSM guidelines
  • SLO 3 : Students will learn to design exercise prescriptions for individuals with a variety of chronic diseases in accordance with the ACSM guidelines

Goal 2 : Graduates will obtain the knowledge and skills necessary to perform clinical exercise physiology research.

  • SLO 4 : Students will learn how to review the current literature to identify the gaps in the literature to guide their research
  • SLO 5 : Students will learn how to design research studies to answer research questions as identified by their review of the literature.
  • SLO 6 : Students will learn how to write up a research proposal and perform basic statistical procedures to answer the research question identified in their proposal.

Goal 3 : Students will be able to apply their knowledge and skills in a practical setting

  • SLO 7 : Students will learn to apply what they learn in class while working with various patient populations.
  • SLO 8 : Students will learn how to present information in a professional way