Counseling Psychology, PsyD Learning Outcomes | Springfield College

Counseling Psychology, PsyD Learning Outcomes

Goal 1: To prepare counseling psychologists who have the professional values and ethical attitudes of the profession.

  • SLO 1: Be knowledgeable of and act in accordance with the APA Ethical Code of Conduct, relevant laws, rules, policies, and professional guidelines.
  • SLO 2: Demonstrate ability to recognize ethical dilemmas, apply ethical decision-making and conduct self in an ethical manner.
  • SLO 3: Engage in self-reflection regarding the values and attitudes of psychology, including integrity, professional identity and effectiveness, and concern for the welfare of others.
  • SLO 4: Actively seek and demonstrate responsiveness to feedback in order to respond to increasingly complex situations with greater independence throughout training.

Goal 2: To prepare counseling psychologists who are well-trained in the practice of the profession.

  • SLO 5: Develop and implement evidence-based interventions informed by biological, psychological, and sociocultural variables.
  • SLO 6: Evaluate intervention effectiveness and adapt or modify the goals and methods if necessary.
  • SLO 7: Demonstrate knowledge of supervision and consultation models and practices in respect to the roles and perspectives of other professions.
  • SLO 8: Demonstrate knowledge of diagnostic classification systems and understanding of human behavior within its context.
  • SLO 9: Demonstrate the ability to apply the knowledge of functional and dysfunctional behaviors by selecting and applying assessment methods that draw from the best available empirical evidence.
  • SLO 10: Interpret assessment results and communicate findings and implications in an effective, sensitive manner consistent with professional standards.
  • SLO 11: Demonstrate effective interpersonal skills and professional relationships with a wide range of individuals and organizations in oral, nonverbal, and written communication.

Goal 3: To prepare counseling psychologists who are competent in the science of the profession.

  • SLO 12: Demonstrate the ability to conduct and disseminate research or other scholarly activities.
  • SLO 13: Maintain knowledge of and critically evaluate the current theoretical and empirical knowledge base as it informs professional decision making.

Goal 4: To prepare counseling psychologists who are leaders in the field, especially as it relates to serving culturally diverse and marginalized populations.

  • SLO 14: Demonstrate ability to integrate awareness of how their own personal and cultural history, attitudes, and biases may affect how they understand and interact with people different from themselves.
  • SLO 15: Demonstrate knowledge of the cultural characteristics of diverse communities and of current scientific literature as it relates to addressing diversity in professional settings.
  • SLO 16: Demonstrate the ability to work effectively with diverse individuals and groups.