Goal 1 : Be able to demonstrate and apply knowledge of:

  • curriculum, planning, and assessment;
  • teaching all students;
  • family and community engagement;
  • professional culture.
  • (MA Department of Elementary and Secondary Education Professional Standards for Teachers)
    • SLO 1 : Achieve a minimum rating of “proficient” in the Quality dimension only (which is the Readiness Threshold as minimum expectations for performance) for each of the six Essential Elements which have been determined by DESE to represent teacher readiness within the Candidate Assessment Performance (CAP) student teaching practicum:
      • Designing and implementing well-structured lessons with measurable objectives that align with state and national standards.
      • Making adjustments to practice based on informal and formal assessment results.
      • Meeting diverse needs by using inclusive strategies.
      • Designing and implementing a safe learning environment.
      • Setting high expectations through instruction, participant engagement, and assessment in all three learning domains.
      • Reflecting regularly on teaching, learning, and interactions with others.

Goal 2 : Be able to demonstrate physical education content knowledge in:

  • Principles of developmentally sound physical health and fitness; 
  • Lifespan growth, development, and nutrition; 
  • History and foundations of kinesiology;
  • Planning curriculum and instruction for a range of appropriate play and sports for PreK-12 using the relevant motor skills;
  • Legal and moral responsibilities including appropriate physical and safety limitations, first aid, and Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR).
  • (MA DESE Subject Matter Knowledge)
    • SLO 2 : Achieve a passing score on the physical education content test (Massachusetts Test for Educator Licensure - MTEL) in each subarea:
      • Physical development and motor learning.
      • Movement activities.
      • Principles of physical fitness.
      • The physical education program.
      • Integration of knowledge and understanding.
      • (MA DESE MTEL Physical Education Content subareas)

Goal 3 : Be able to gain employment in the field and/or gain acceptance to an advanced graduate program (CAGS, Ed.D.,Ph.D.).

  • SLO 3 : Meeting the threshold established by the Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (DESE) on the Candidate Assessment of Performance (CAP).
  • SLO 4 : Attain a minimum of 300 total fieldwork hours for each license sought.
  • SLO 5 : Develop a professional electronic portfolio
  • SLO 6 : Demonstrate competency in research style writing to a level that would allow for acceptance into desired institution of higher education for an advanced graduate program.

Goal 4 : Be competent researchers in the field of physical education.

  • SLO 7 : Design and conduct a research project.
  • SLO 8 : Review lines of research within physical education.
  • SLO 9 : Present findings from a research study study orally in a professional manner.