Program Learning Outcomes:

Graduates with an M.Ed. in Health Promotion and Health Equity will be able to:

  1. Define major concepts, theoretical perspectives, and historical trends in health education and health promotion and recognize root causes of health inequities and their relevance and relationship to health promotion and health education practice.
  2. Identify and plan community-engaged education, practice, and policy solutions to advance health equity across multiple population groups.
  3. Employ the concepts, principles, and methods of health promotion and health education in designing, implementing and analyzing programs in academic, clinical, community, and government health settings.
  4. Design and critically evaluate research in health promotion and health education programming.
  5. Critically assess health equity, implicit bias in health care delivery, and the importance of social determinants of health to addressing barriers and eliminating health disparities.
  6. Develop collaborations with health promotion and health education professionals to assess needs and assets and promote health equity research, practice, and policy.
  7. Support the professional standards outlined in the Code of Ethics of the Education Profession and the Health Education Code of Ethics through leadership and community stewardship.
  8. Communicate and advocate for health promotion and health equity.