Goal 1 : Problem Solving: Students should become proficient in solving mathematical problems.

  • SLO 1 : Solve problems involving functions on the real numbers (or subset thereof) and operators on these functions (such as differentiation and integration.
  • SLO 2 : Solve problems involving functions on the integers(or subset thereof) including sequences and limits of sequences.

Goal 2 : Conceptual Understanding: Students should have a solid conceptual understanding of the principles of mathematics at the undergraduate level.

  • SLO 3 : Translate physical situations to mathematical models.
  • SLO 4 : Transition between various representations of functions or other mathematical objects: symbolic, graphical and numerical.

Goal 3 : Mathematical Thinking: Students should have demonstrate the ability to reason mathematically as well as to understand mathematical arguments and critically assess their validity.

  • SLO 5 : Understand the structure and significance of a mathematical proof.
  • SLO 6 : Detect flaws in an erroneous mathematical argument or proof.
  • SLO 7 : Generalize and think abstractly about mathematics.
  • SLO 8 : Apply general mathematical theorems and principles to specific cases.

Goal 4 : Mathematical Communication: Students should have demonstrate the ability to communicate mathematical ideas effectively.

  • SLO 9 : Formulate or compose a correct mathematical proof.
  • SLO 10 : Give a coherent explanation of a multi-step calculation, using English language prose and mathematical symbols appropriately.
  • SLO 11 : Present mathematical ideas clearly and concisely.