Many students have special dietary needs and preferences; we are here to help you navigate your options within our dining facilities. From nutritional resources and education to our allergen-friendly stations, our goal is to provide you with meals that are safe and healthy in the most integrated setting appropriate to your needs.

Whether it’s advice on healthy eating in the dining facilities or concerns related to food allergies, our staff are here to support you. 

Allergies and Disabilities on the Basis of Food

Springfield College recognizes the need for reasonable modifications for disabilities on the basis of food allergies, celiac disease, or other disabilities requiring a special diet (collectively, "food allergies"). The College's food allergy policy can be found here. 

If you are seeking an accommodation or reasonable modification relating to dining or catering services, including any accommodations related to your Springfield College meal plan, you can initiate that process by completing Online Student Application or by making an appointment with the Director of Non-discrimination Initiatives.

Accommodation Request Form

If you would like us to be able to speak to a family member or care provider regarding any needs or concerns related to your food allergy, please complete this Student Information Release Authorization form and return it to the Office of Non-discrimination Initiatives at

Director of Non-discrimination Initiatives: Erin Leeper


Phone: (413) 748-3248

Office: Flynn Campus Union, room 228

To learn more about how Springfield College supports students with food allergies, review our food allergy plan.

Dining Support

Have questions about navigating your preferred diet or religious restrictions while at school? Looking to learn more about healthy eating while on campus? Our staff is here to help support you in finding the best meals, stations, and services to support your lifestyle. 

Learn more about the support available through Springfield College Dining Services by contacting us: 

Harvest Table Culinary Group
Phone: 413-748-3205

Registered Dietitian: Hailey Handzel
Phone: (413) 748-4413

Learn more about our hours, daily menus, and resources here.