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Tuition Exchange

Springfield College belongs to both the Council of Independent Colleges (CIC) and Tuition Exchange (TE) programs. Each offers the employees of their respective colleges the opportunity for free tuition for their child at partner schools. This programs is for undergraduate first time freshman and transfer students only. There are a limited number of awards available from Springfield College.

Parents who are employees at CIC schools need to review the CIC process and the same for TE College employees. Please note that these organizations typically expect the parent to have their application for tuition exchange on file very early. Springfield College gives priority to families that have applied for tuition exchange by February 15.

All students must have a completed admissions application the the upcoming fall semester on file at Springfield College by March 1 to be eligible.

The process for considering students for tuition exchange takes place in the admissions office beginning March 15. Students will be considered based on the strength of their admissions application and academic and credentials, including their personal statements. If awarded, students will have until May 1 to make a commitment to Springfield College. After that date, their reward will be rescinded.

Council of Independent Colleges (CIC) College Consortium

The members of the CIC College Consortium include other 4-year private institutions across the country.  Students can take a course through the CIC College Consortium during the summer term or winter intersession.  All courses are online and completed through another institution’s learning management system. The cost for each course is based on the online and regional tuition price per-credit and will be applied to the student’s Springfield College bill.

Tuition Exchange (

 677+ participating colleges and universities and is available to eligible dependent children only.

  • Most awards are for freshmen only for four years, as long as eligibility criteria is met each year.
  • Scholarship awards generally only cover the cost of tuition and do not include room, board, and/or fees at the importing institution.