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VA Certification and Enrollment Steps

As a result of student advocacy, the college has made changes to the VA certification process. The information below is designed to assist our veteran's students in completing the necessary steps to receive VA Educational Benefits.

Veterans Request for Certification Form

Step One

Applying for VA Educational Benefits

  • Students applying for VA educational benefits for the first time must apply for educational benefits online through
  • Certificate of Eligibility (COE): Springfield College requires an up-to-date COE, students must submit a copy to the Veterans Certifying Official at your campus.
  • Provide a copy of DD22-214 or a Service Letter.

Step Two

To be certified for VA benefits, students must complete the following steps each semester:

  • Enroll for upcoming semester.
  • Submit all applicable financial aid documents.
  • Submit Springfield College "Veterans Request for Certification Form." The form must include your VA file number that is issued from the VA. The form must be submitted to the Veterans Certifying Official.

Enrollment certification:

Once steps one and two are competed, Springfield College will process the initial certification according to this schedule:

  • Fall term – beginning the first week of August
  • Spring term – beginning the first week of December
  • Summer term – beginning the first week of April

Attendance certification:

Please contact or email your Veterans Certifying Official, with any changes that may occur such as:

  • Change in enrollment of credits (add or drop a course)
  • Change in program of study
  • Change in eligibility status
  • Change in contact information ( name, address or phone number)
  • Withdrawing from the semester (dropping all courses)

Students receiving educational benefits should follow up with the Department of Veterans Affairs to confirm if they are required to verify monthly enrollment to the VA either by contacting the office at (877) 823-2378 or online (WAVE) and select Verify School Attendance.

Important Information:

  • Students/veterans must first apply for educational benefits online through Upon review of the completed application, the VA will determine the veterans' eligibility and, if eligible, will issue a Certificate of Eligibility (COE). Students using the VA educational benefit must submit a copy of the COE to the VA Certifying Official.

Students do not need to submit a COE each term, unless students' eligibility (chapter, percent of eligibility or months of eligibility changes).

  • Students are encouraged to apply for federal financial aid. The financial aid process begins with completing and submitting the FASFA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) Springfield College school code is #002211.
  • Each term the enrollment and tuition information for each eligible enrolled student is reported to the VA after the certifying official receives the Veterans Request for Certification form.
  • Enrollment certifications can only be submitted for the term in which the student is or was enrolled at Springfield College. Springfield College cannot certify a student or report on the VA Once website if credits were taken elsewhere.
  • Any changes in enrollment such as add/drops, withdrawals or separations, unsatisfactory progress, disciplinary actions, failing grades, incomplete grades, changes to tuition and fees, etc. are required to be reported to the VA.
  • Changes in enrollment as indicated above may affect the total amount of benefits a student receives, and may result in the student being liable for an overpayment and/or be responsible to return the money to the VA. The VA may not pay for repeated courses or for courses in which a student withdraws (W) or receives an incomplete grade (I).
  • After Registration attendance certification is reported, the VA will then review and process the claim and disburse the student's benefits accordingly.

Veterans Request for Certification Form