We all want Springfield College to be a great place to learn and live, which is why speaking up in difficult situations is so important. When things happen that make you uncomfortable or are potentially dangerous, it’s our responsibility to do something. Here’s how you can become an active bystander.

How to Communicate

We each have different personalities, which means we have different ways we might intervene. If you tend to be a quiet, introverted, trustworthy person, you might be the perfect person to have a serious conversation with a friend about their mental health or the problems in their life. If you’re talkative, outgoing, and the life of the party, you might have great skills to intervene when a social situation gets out of hand and a fight is brewing. You can always request help from a friend whose personality might suit the need better than yours does.

Ipad being used in the classoom

Try the Three D's

Wondering when exactly to step in? Try one of the three D's.

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Protect Our P.R.I.D.E.

Want to know how to become an active bystander? We’ve created five steps to get you started.

Situational Guidelines

Not sure how to handle a specific situation? Our situational guidelines can provide you with advice.

Support and Resources

Offices and departments across the campus are here to provide advocacy and support.