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Interviews provide the opportunity to convey to an employer your interest in the position and the skills you could bring to the job.

Uncover the "secrets" of a good job interview by clicking on the navigation links in the right column. The strategies outlined provide invaluable insights designed to improve your level of proficiency in what is truly the most important stage in the job search process; the interview. Remember preparation is critical in presenting a positive and polished image!

Building a Professional Network

In these times of economic turmoil, you need to be savvy and multidimensional in your job search. Utilizing a social media approach that is self directed will allow you to take a more active role and enable you to market your credentials in a more meaningful manner.

Without question making contacts the old fashion way; simple face to face interaction still remains the optimal method to obtaining a job. However, replicating this interaction electronically can greatly expand your contact base and complement your standard in-person networking. Professional social networking allows you to re-connect with friends, former co-workers and allow you to establish new contacts.

LinkedIn is an excellent resource to establish your career network:

  • Connect with classmates, faculty, and family professionally
  • Find new opportunities for internships and full-time positions
  • Manage what potential employers learn about you from the Internet

Your LinkedIn profile is your connection to over 70 million professionals in the business world. Use it to show the world who you are. To help the world find you. This network will not just help you find a job, but GET a job.