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EV Charging Stations

EV Charging at Springfield College

Springfield College - EV Charging Lot

Springfield College is proud to provide 10 electric vehicle (EV) charging stations (serving two cars per station) on campus. The stations will benefit students, faculty, staff, and members of the local community who drive EVs, making it more convenient to charge up without having to search the area for such stations.

Springfield College - EV Charging

Making the EV chargers available demonstrates that the College is taking significant steps towards sustainability. 

To show its ongoing commitment to “going green,” Springfield College has purchased its first EV: a 2023 Ford E-Transit van, which will be used by the College’s electricians.

Who Is Eligible to Use the EV Chargers and the Cost

Each charging station will be available for use on a 24/7 basis. Students, faculty, staff, and the local community who drive EVs will be allowed to use the charger. The AmpUp app will have detailed cost information. Refunds will not be issued. 

Where You Can Find the EV Charging Stations

There are five stations (serving two cars per station) located in Lot 9A, behind the new Health Sciences Center, and another five (serving two cars per station) located in Lot 5A, behind the Central Receiving building (view the campus map and look for the “EV” icon).

Connector Type and Charging Efficiency

The EV chargers use the standard J1772 connector. The stations feature Level 2 chargers, which allow you to charge your vehicle (from empty) in 3-8 hours versus a Level 1 charger that could take 11-20 hours. Users access the chargers using the AmpUp app (see below for more information).

Download the App 

In order to begin using the EV charging stations, you need to download the AmpUp app.

Use this app for Apple products, and this app for Android products.

Oversight of the EV Chargers

The chargers have QR codes on the units to access FAQs and support information. For questions or issues with using the chargers, please contact Facilities Management staff at (413) 748-3252.

Etiquette: Sharing is Caring

The College expects that users of the charging stations respect one another when charging. Below are some basic etiquette rules to follow.

  • Please don’t unplug the vehicles of the other drivers, even if the vehicle is 100% charged. 
  • Keep the charging station area neat and tidy. Wind the cord up and put it back in its proper place. 
  • Be sure to put the connector securely back in the charger holster when you’re done. 
  • If all the stations are full and lines start to form for those waiting to use them, consider charging your vehicle to 80% to give others who may have a lower level a chance to charge up.