Facilities | Springfield College

Springfield College boasts top-notch facilities that combine function with artistry, while maintaining the historic beauty of the campus.

Alumni House

The heart of keeping connected with our vast network of alumni takes place here at 258 Middlesex St. From Homecoming to Reunion to smaller Springfield College alumni associations across the country, our Office of Alumni Relations staff develops programs and events to bring our alumni together on and off campus.

Health Sciences Center

The Springfield College Health Sciences Center facilitates, expands on, and celebrates interprofessional education. Already, the Center is building on the success of the School of Health Sciences and ensures its standing as the leading choice for the finest students, faculty, and staff.

Inside the four floors of the 86,000-square-foot building, simulation, anatomy, pediatrics lab, and makerspace environments enhance interdisciplinary collaboration as does expanded meeting space. All of these environments bring together groups of students, faculty, and community members who are engaging in experiences, such as grand rounds, health care think tanks, and continuing education seminars.

Wellness Center

You can get your fitness on at this facility. On a daily basis, students, faculty, and staff take advantage of all the exercise equipment and other options, including a cardio and weight training space, a climbing wall, a pool, and multipurpose teaching/activity spaces.

Athletic Training and Exercise Science Facility

The athletic training and exercise science facilities provide students and faculty with interactive and experiential learning environments, as well as dedicated research space for the study of all aspects of wellness and human performance. The athletic training room offers student-athletes access to athletic health care at the highest level.


Physical Education Complex/Blake Arena/James Naismith Court

The hub of physical activity on campus happens in this multi-functional facility—from physical education classes to varsity athletic and intramural contests. Coaches of our varsity sports teams plan, lead, and develop well-rounded student-athletes here. Dana Gymnasium plays host to a variety of athletic endeavors and eight handball/racquetball are available for recreational use. The 2,000-seat Blake Arena, which features the James Naismith Court, comes alive when men’s and women’s basketball, volleyball, gymnastics teams, as well as the wrestling team, take on New England Women’s and Men’s Athletic Conference and nonconference opponents.

Towne Student Health Center

Students, faculty, and staff can take advantage of a host of counseling and medical services in this facility. Our professional staff of counselors are trained to help you in a judgement-free space. In the Health Center, our staff of physicians, nurses, physician assistants, and medical assistants promote the balance of spirit, mind, and body for all patients, whether you are there to heal, prevent disease, or improve your health through our wellness promotion programs.

Archie Allen Baseball Field/Ascherman All-Ability Field

Our varsity baseball program hit a home run with this one-of-a-kind intercollegiate and adaptive baseball park, built in 2017, thanks to a partnership with the Cal Ripken, Sr. Foundation. Synthetic turf and new dugouts are just a couple of the features. The redesign continues with the next phase of development with plans for a new scoreboard and expanded grandstand seating. The Aschermann All-Ability Field in the right field corner of the traditional ballfield is designed to allow people with special needs to play baseball, including those from the Western Massachusetts Miracle League and Special Olympics.

Weiser Hall

Creativity flows in this building, which houses the Department of Literature, Writing, and Journalism where students focus on writing from the classics to sports journalism. Faculty offices and classrooms fill up the three floors.

Harold C. Smith Learning Commons

The former Babson Library has been transformed into a state-of-the-art, academic center of the campus. Students, faculty, staff, and members of the local community can use the variety of spaces for study and research on all four floors of the building. The services offered are vast—from the Academic Success Center, to Information Technology Services, to the always helpful Library Services staff. The Center for Excellence in Teaching, Learning, and Scholarship staff provides faculty with a wide array of workshops and trainings to enhance their pedagogy and leadership skills.

Blake Hall

All three floors of this building are where a variety of learning opportunities for students—from health sciences to the arts to our regional online and continuing education programs—take place. Physician assistant and emergency management students learn in classrooms on the first floor. On the second floor are art and design studios, computer labs, and other creative spaces of the Department of Visual and Performing Arts, including the William Blizard Gallery, where works of art created by our students and professional and local artists are on display. Offices and classrooms for the Departments of Education, Humanities and Social Sciences, Criminal Justice, Regional Online and Continuing Education, and the International English Language Institute, are located on the third floor.

Locklin Hall

Locklin is home to faculty offices and classrooms for several different academic programs, including health sciences, business management, counseling, human services, and psychology. The lower level of this building is where the campus post office and print shop are located.

Public Safety

Located on the edge of campus at 25 Portsmouth St., the Public Safety complex houses our police department, which is made up of 20 full-time police officers, seven full-time dispatchers, two transportation coordinators, an administrative assistant, and 25 full-time Community Service Officers.

Center for Leadership and Civic Engagement

The brick house at 235 Eastern Ave. is more than a former home in the neighborhood adjacent to campus. Inside, staff work with students and the local community to provide education and health and wellness programs to address the needs of the area’s population. It’s a space where students work on issues they care about—and where they become leaders. 

Facilities Management

Keeping the campus beautiful and making sure everything is in working order is the job of our facilities management team. This space houses not only the staff of maintenance and custodial workers, but also a warehouse filled with supplies and vehicles needed for all the upkeep.

Stitzer Welcome Center at Judd Gymnasia

The building with the longest history on campus has undergone a transformation to now serve as home to undergraduate and graduate admissions. Prospective families and their children can learn about all that Springfield College has to offer from this beautifully renovated space. The top floor is where students interested in a career in the YMCA and the long ties with the national YMCA movement can get information from the Office of YMCA Relations staff. The history of the College, dating back to 1885, can be found on the lower level in the Springfield College Museum where exhibits, displays, and artifacts are made available for viewing by the College community, and beyond.  

The Table @ Cheney Hall

The Harvest Table chefs and dieticians serve up a variety of meals each day for breakfast, lunch, and dinner for the campus community in this building. With our range of menu options—from a fresh salad bar, to traditional courses to gluten-free and vegan options, you are sure to find food that will meet the needs of your palate. Dining rooms A and B in Cheney Hall can be used for meetings and conferences with the option of food service.

Schoo-Bemis Science Center

Students interested in careers in math, physics, and computer science do much of their learning in classrooms and laboratories in this building.

Hickory Hall

Hickory Hall is known for its unique, circular architectural style, which stands out from all the other more traditional square- or rectangular-shaped brick buildings on campus. Inside, the majority of the building consists of classrooms for a wide variety of programs. The first floor also is the location for the dean’s office for the School of Arts and Sciences and the Office of Graduate Education, Grants, and Sponsored Research.

Fuller Arts Center/Appleton Auditorium

From student-led plays to musical shows to films to academic lectures and award presentations, this facility is a versatile space for entertaining and educational events year round. It features a 300-seat auditorium with a computerized stage lighting system, sound system, and acoustical wall panels.

Marsh Memorial

This building in the center of campus is the academic and leadership hub where the president and other leaders of the College conduct their business in offices on the first and second levels. The Helen Davis Blake Conference Room on the first floor plays host to meetings of the president’s leadership team and other kinds of gatherings. Also inside is Marsh Memorial Chapel, with its stunning stained glass windows, which serves as a space for religious celebrations as well as lectures, musical performances, and more.

Administration Building

Located on one side of Naismith Green, this building is where you can find a variety of services: finding out your enrollment status at the registrar’s office, paying your tuition at the business office, getting help with your studies at the Academic Advising Services office, and securing teaching licensure through the Office of Educator Preparation and Licensure.

Flynn Campus Union

Considered the center of activity on campus, the Flynn Campus Union features numerous offices promoting cocurricular activities as well as services of the Division of Inclusion and Community Engagement and Office of Multicultural Affairs. There are a number of food stations offering a variety of eats, plus a large seating area at which to enjoy your meal, study, or visit with friends. The market takes care of your essentials, from cereal to laundry detergent. The Springfield College bookstore, on the lower level, is where you can buy textbooks, school supplies, Springfield College gear, and more. The Cleveland E. and Phyllis B. Dodge Room provides space that can be divided into smaller rooms for presentations, lectures, and other events.

Brennan Center

The School of Social Work and Behavioral Sciences is housed in this building at 45 Island Pond Road, about two miles from the main campus in Springfield. It features multiple classrooms, an auditorium, and faculty offices to prepare undergraduate and graduate students for careers in counseling, human services, psychology, and offers programs that are student centered, community focused, and committed to diversity and social justice.

Child Development Center

Located at 715 Wilbraham Road, just a mile from the main campus, the center staff of teachers offer cutting-edge curriculum and a stimulating environment for toddler through preK students to learn, grow, and thrive.

William Blizard Gallery

The William Blizard Gallery is the primary art gallery of Springfield College. It is dedicated to showcasing the work of undergraduate and graduate students in the Department of Visual and Performing Arts as well as professional artists from the local community and beyond. The Gallery aims to be a creative community space which supports experimental work in the arts and fosters dialogue and programming in arts and culture.

East Campus

The numbers say it all for this active part of Springfield College: 57 acres of forest ecosystem, 30 high and low elements on our challenge course, one mile of shoreline on Watershops Pond, as well as numerous adventure-based programs and curriculum offered here. From restful retreats to team-building challenges, thousands of students, faculty, staff, and members of the community have taken advantage of all the East Campus has to offer. On the property is our 4,400-square-foot East Campus Outdoor Learning Center; a large kitchen, several meeting spaces, and seven fireplaces provide for any number of options for use.