Marlowe Scott, Class of 2019


What does it mean to be a student-athlete at Springfield College?

It means endless opportunities to be successful. This starts in the weight room. Our strength and conditioning coaches are some of the best in the entire country. Pairing this with the on-field tenure and experience of coaches like Mike Cerasuolo, Jack Holik, and Greg Webster, I feel prepared for games. However, the opportunities for success do not end on the field. With the substantial outreach that Springfield has due to its alumni, there are numerous connections I have developed that will be a great help in pursuing an occupation. 

What is your most impactful experience as a student-athlete?

That would definitely be working with Luke Bradley through Team IMPACT. Luke was diagnosed with cancer and was paired with the football team. One of the highlights of the season for me was driving directly down to Boston Children’s Hospital to give Luke the game ball after winning our game against Mount Ida. Just seeing the smile that such a small gesture put on the faces of Luke and his family meant the world to the team. Luke Bradley has been an inspiration to me and has taught me more than I can ever learn on a football field.  

What opportunities have been presented to you because you are a student-athlete that may not be afforded other students?

I had the opportunity to attend the NCAA Convention through the Student Immersion Program, which is only awarded to student-athletes. As a sport management major, this opportunity was extremely important. I networked with professionals in my field and built people skills that will be essential in my career. Being a student-athlete also has provided our team with numerous community outreach opportunities, such as Be The Match, a drive to help match those inneed of bone marrow transplants with donors; fundraising for St. Baldrick’s, a nonprofit organization that raises money for childhood cancer research; and working with Revitalize Springfield, a community service project to improve the quality of neighborhoods in the Springfield community.

Alex Goslin, Class of 2020

Women’s Basketball  

What is your most impactful experience as a student-athlete?

It was having the opportunity to travel abroad to Europe with our team. This past May, after our seniors graduated, we took a trip to Edinburgh, Scotland, and Liverpool and London, England.

Our motto for the trip was “Spread Pride Worldwide.” In Europe, we played three basketball games and had the chance to meet with our opponents after the games, getting to connect on a personal level. We also participated in some Humanics projects, such as helping out at a girls’ basketball clinic and eating a meal with people at a local organization called the “Grass Market Project,” which is a program for those in need. We continued to bond with them through sport, as we played basketball at a local court.

While we were able to provide these people with a piece of Springfield College, we also learned so much about their culture. 

How has being a student-athlete at Springfield College made an impact on you as a person?

Being a student-athlete has empowered me to be prideful in my endeavors and understand the importance of community. I have become more focused in my individual determination, while also developing the attitude of making sacrifices for the sake of others. Playing for the women’s basketball program has increased my mental toughness and helped me manage adverse situations. I have become better able to transfer what I learn on the court to other areas of my life. Furthermore, I have developed a growth mindset, holding myself to high standards in all areas of my life. The standards our coaches have for us have set the tone for me and fostered my capacity for developing myself in a well-rounded manner.

To what do you attribute the success you’ve had in the classroom and on the court?

A huge part of my success, in the classroom and on the court, is attributed to the support I have received from all areas of campus. Our entire coaching staff has been very involved in my life sinceI first arrived on campus. They care about me as a player, but more importantly, as a person. They are able to see my potential, even when I can’t, and they challenge me in ways that make me stronger and prepare me for my future. I can’t possibly thank them enough for all they have done for me. My professors have engaged me in new and exciting ways. I am excited to go to class and learn new things! My peers at Springfield College also have helped me find success. Their support and kindness make me want to be better in all areas of my involvement on campus. I often feel inspired by the people I interact with.