Alumni Story

Dave Boyle `83

Boyle talking with alumni

“I’ve jokingly said that Bob Palmer saved my life and that if I hadn’t gone to Springfield, I would be dead or in jail,” said Dave Boyle ‘83.

After a lackluster first year at Springfield College, Palmer, the dean of admissions at the time, had an earnest discussion with Boyle about his future. The conversation not only changed Boyle's attitude about school but revealed the true nature of Springfield College. 

What Boyle came to see was that the faculty and staff of Springfield College not only cared about students like him, they helped cultivate their passion and reorient their life toward Humanics.

Boyle started college wanting to teach physical education. Today he is vice president of Martignetti Companies, one of the largest liquor distributors in the country. Boyle says his path started at Springfield College, attributing the people he met with creating a culture that helped him become the person he is today.

“Springfield taught me how to teach, how to break down a sport. And now I do it the same way in business. I'll break down a business opportunity the same way I would break down a class or a skill,” he said.

Boyle also learned about service at Springfield College. He has been giving back, in numerous ways, ever since.

Boyle conducts wine seminars at alumni events, including at HomeComing, Reunion Weekend, and the Taste of Humanics event, and even donates the wine. He has served as president of the Eastern Massachusetts Alumni Association, is a former Alumni Council member, and a member of his class reunion committee. 

He has referred countless students and is a leadership level donor. In 2008, he was awarded the Tarbell Medallion for extraordinary service to the College.

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