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Isaiah Cashwell-Doe

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Isaiah Cashwell-Doe

Isaiah Cashwell-Doe

Isaiah Cashwell-Doe ‘22 noticed it during his first tour. It was the smiles, the genuine friendliness of the complete strangers he passed along Alden Street. That’s when he knew that Springfield College would be his home for the next four years.

Isaiah has a simple, although not easy, daily goal: make five people smile. It’s an ethos and an energy that he brings everywhere he goes, from the classroom to the football field to weekly Zoom calls.

Thanks to donor support, Springfield College is able to provide ample opportunities for Isaiah to make connections and reach his daily smile quota. Currently, the psychology major has found a home in the Minds in Motion club.

“Minds in Motion is focused on educating students about mental health and making them aware of it, which is especially important during a time like we are in today,” he said.

Affordability is also important to students like Isaiah. As a scholarship recipient, he is grateful for the support of donors. The youngest of nine children, every bit of aid makes life a little easier for him and his family.

To him, scholarships are about more than just the money:

“Winning a scholarship makes you feel proud. It also gives you more motivation to work that much harder,” he said.

Gifts to the Springfield College Fund directly support things like scholarships, student activities, and technology. But they also indirectly translate into pride, motivation, and lots and lots of smiles.

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