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Sarah Nickolas


Sarah Nickolas

Sarah Nickolas in front of Marsh Memorial

As a high school student, the idea of service was always important to Sarah Nickolas ‘21. She would volunteer in a homeless shelter and even went on a mission trip to build houses in Louisiana.

Today Sarah is a senior at Springfield College, where she has continued putting Humanics in action—volunteering with Habitat for Humanity, working with the Springfield Rescue Mission, and delivering food through Meals on Wheels.

“You just see the everyday difference you can make at Springfield College in so many different ways. And I think it really inspires people to be a part of something a lot bigger than themselves,” she said.

In addition to the College’s commitment to service, Sarah was also drawn to the Occupational Therapy program and its holistic approach to health care.

“Occupational therapy at Springfield College is amazing because it looks at the whole person.  Instead of asking what is wrong with the patient, we ask how can the patient have a good quality of life, how can they still do what they love to do and find ways to continue that despite the changes they’re going through,” said Sarah.

As much as Sarah appreciates the faculty, she owes a deal of gratitude to the donors who made attending Springfield College a possibility. Were it not for financial aid, Sarah would not have been able to afford Springfield College.

“If people didn’t donate, I would have been missing out on a great education and all the great professors, friends, and connections that I’ve made. Just the fact that people can come together and help someone they don’t even know go to a school that they love, I think that’s pretty cool,”  she said.

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