Honors Program | Springfield College

Welcome to our Honors Program

Incoming first-year students of high achievement and promise will be invited to apply after their admission to the College. First-year students with successful fall semesters also may apply.

A large group stands in front of a mural

Grow as a thinker and leader

Cultivate skills in collaboration, independent study, and life-long learning.

Dr. Hakala speaks with a student in a seminar

Be inspired and challenged

Join a community of curious, highly motivated faculty and students.

Students view a sculpture in a museum

Research, discover, and synthesize

Explore the connections between different subjects, and find new ways of understanding the world.

Student looks in a microscope while another student looks on

Learn outside the classroom

Visit museums and cultural sites; attend lectures, performances, and concerts; and travel to new places.

Students stand outside underneath a sculpture.

Our Honors Program might be right for you if...

...you are curious. You ask questions, you value learning about many subjects, and you like when your learning extends beyond the classroom.

...you are up to a challenge.  You don’t take the easy route, and you take responsibility for your learning.

...you are excited.  You want to be part of a close community of faculty and scholars, and you’re drawn to the life of the mind.