Students in the Honors Program will take 18 credits of honors-designated courses:

  • Honors-designated sections of Core Curriculum courses or intermediate seminars (12 or 15 credits);
  • Guided study—Honors Colloquia, Guided Individual Study projects, or an Advanced Honors Project (3 to 6 credits).

Most of the Honors Program coursework overlaps with existing Core Curriculum requirements, but 6 credits are unique to the program and do not overlap. Because of major requirements, it may be difficult for students in athletic training, health science pre-physician assistant, health science pre-physical therapy, and education licensure majors to complete the Honors Program unless they begin Springfield College with college credit. Interested students declaring these majors should email for personalized advising

Out-of-class learning experiences

Honors Program students will deepen and enrich their classroom learning with field trips, service learning projects, and travel. They’ll embrace the life of the mind by attending lectures, performances, and conferences alongside faculty and peers. Reading groups and colloquia will give ample opportunities to extend the conversation and to connect ideas.

Honors Program at Springfield College