International Students | Springfield College

International Students

More than 120 international students from 40 countries attend Springfield College at both the undergraduate and graduate levels.

The International Center staff is here to support you through the visa and immigration process and provides a customized orientation when you arrive on campus. Over the course of your studies with Springfield, the International Center will provide you with programs to optimize your academic, professional, social, personal, and cultural transition to college and the United States. We serve as a liaison between Springfield College, the U.S. government and any foreign government concerning your student status at Springfield. While we rely on you to maintain your status and follow student visa regulations, we are here to advise, assist and support. Take a look at the resources below for new and continuing students.

As one student remarks “I came to Springfield College to experience the close-knit community and the spirit, mind, and body philosophy. The small classes and personal approach to teaching gave me the opportunity to develop warm and meaningful connections with my professors and advisors who have helped me immensely throughout my college career. The beautiful and positive campus has added to the personal relationships and vibrant culture that Springfield College actively creates making it a “home away from home.” For these reasons, Springfield College is a great place for any international student to begin their academic journey in the U.S.”