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Online Teaching Faculty Protocol

There are specific considerations for faculty teaching in an online course at Springfield College.  The Faculty Senate has prescribed the following expectations for all faculty contracted to teach online. At a minimum, online faculty are expected to enter the online classroom six times a week.  To best serve the interest of the students, faculty are expected to provide constructive feedback to student submissions.  Best practice for providing feedback to student submissions is within two weeks of the initial submission. To promote the value of communication in an online course, faculty must generate discussion posts and provide feedback to at least five unique student original discussion posts. Supplemental feedback comments are at the discretion of the faculty member.  And finally, all faculty committed to an online course are required to maintain and update their course grade book.

To maximize the use of Brightspace in your course for things like:

  • Using formative and summative assessment
  • Providing effective feedback on assignments
  • Engaging students in your course

Please contact:

Leslie Rotondo, Academic Technology Specialist
(413) 748-3460