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LIVE EVERY DAY at Springfield College

LIVE EVERY DAY at Springfield College

On-Campus Interdisciplinary Clinic

A deep collaboration between Springfield College School of Health Sciences, and LIVE EVERY DAY enables real-time clinical education and service to the community directly on our campus.  Housed adjacent to the Health Sciences building, LIVE EVERY DAY at Springfield College bridges the gap from classroom didactic learning to the clinical setting with real-life patients, clinical mentors, and a wide variety of student learners.  Through this purposeful design, students across study disciplines can learn from one another and jointly make decisions regarding active healthcare.  At the same time, patients benefit from interdisciplinary perspectives and the expertise of world-class clinicians and scholars in rehabilitation.

A student is practicing his balance on a blue balance ball during a physical therapy session.

Physical Therapy Orthopaedic Residency Program

The orthopaedic residency program is a joint initiative of the Springfield College Department of Physical Therapy and LIVE EVERY DAY. Each year, a Springfield College physical therapy doctoral program graduate returns to the classroom in a teaching role while concurrently treating and facilitating clinical education and service through LIVE EVERY DAY, on our campus and at multiple clinical sites nearby in Connecticut. This allows multiple layers of learning across disciplines and class cohorts; it also enables students to implement concepts and methods learned in the classroom in a professional clinical context.

Who facilitates the on-campus clinic?

Springfield College alumnus Matt Calendrillo '04, G'05, is a co-founder of LIVE EVERY DAY, a private practice that facilitates evidence-based patient care and clinical education. LIVE EVERY DAY hosts all physical therapy students for integrated clinical experiences as well as numerous full-time clinical experiences. LIVE EVERY DAY has served as a Springfield College clinical partner since 2016. Since the opening of LIVE EVERY DAY at Springfield College, increasing numbers of students and faculty from diverse disciplines have joined in educational and clinical experiences. Physical and occupational therapy services are available to the community, and additional fields of practice will be added.

LIVE EVERY DAY mission and values

Our mission is to empower patients to achieve and preserve extraordinary physical and mental health through sound clinical practice and exemplary bedside manner.  

It is our responsibility to educate all that enter.  We place an expectation on lifelong learning for ourselves as well as showcasing others its need for the patients we care for, those professionals in our footsteps, and our profession.