Computing is part of everything we do—from health and medicine to business and education, from analysis, research, and engineering to art, design, and entertainment. In fact, the computer science occupation is expected to grow 11 percent, faster than average, between now and 2024, according to the U.S. Department of Labor. That’s why the Springfield College computer sciences/criminal justice major offers courses that have direct relevance and importance across industries, allowing you to achieve your career goals. 

The computer science/criminal justice major is ideal for students seeking to become involved in areas where the two fields intersect—primarily in the cybercrime industry. The computer science curriculum provides students with advanced skills that are sought after by employers, such as database skills, multi-platform programming development skills, analytical skills, and good, basic business intelligence, while the criminal justice curriculum provides students with answers to critical questions about the legal process, the psychology behind why individuals commit crimes, and how governments should balance individual rights and public safety.

Studying Computer Science/Criminal Justice at Springfield College