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As a teacher, you can make a difference, and the education major at Springfield College opens doors so you can do so. Students start by learning about the subject they’re interested in teaching. As they become upperclass students, they then apply to the appropriate teacher licensure program, which will prepare them for their future as a teacher.

We provide students with the skills needed to teach special education, as well as elementary, middle, and high school students in several different subject areas, depending upon the licensure program they choose. Students will gain experience working in the classroom in our partner schools located throughout the city of Springfield and the surrounding area.

Our students are highly sought after upon graduation. They teach in public and private schools, and at the elementary and secondary levels throughout the world.

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To comply with Massachusetts Department of Education regulations, students seeking teacher licensure must earn a bachelor’s degree that includes an arts and sciences major, additional coursework to meet the subject matter knowledge requirements, and coursework to meet the professional standards for all teachers. Students completing any of the programs listed above also complete the requirements of the education major.

Students share what sets the Springfield College education programs apart.

Education in Action

Make your mark on the world through one of Springfield College's education and teacher licensure programs. You’ll help shape the next generation by inspiring the minds of early childhood, elementary, and secondary education-aged students, including learners who have a diverse range of skills and personalities.

At Springfield College, getting classroom experience isn't reserved for your student teaching experience. We encourage active learning experiences that help you develop your skills and comfort level. Sound like something you'd be interested in?

Aspiring Teacher Housing Award

The Aspiring Teacher Housing Award is given to a select 25 students accepted to teacher preparation programs at Springfield College. This award covers the cost of a double room in selected residence halls on campus for the four undergraduate years. 

An education student working with a child in an on-campus program.