Physician Assistant Graduate Curriculum Outline | Springfield College

Physician Assistant Graduate Curriculum Outline

Didactic Phase

Spring 1 Semester
PAST 501Evidence Based Medicine 13 credits
PAST 502Evidence Based Medical Writing3 credits
PAST 540Ethics and Professional Issues3 credits
PAST 376Medical Genetics3 credits
PAST 515Clinical Human Anatomy & Physiology I2 credits
 Total Semester Hours14 credits
Summer 1 Semester
PAST 512History & Physical I4 credits
PAST 524Clinical Medicine I6 credits
PAST 513Mental Health Issues3 credits
PAST 523Pharmacology I2 credits
PAST 603Evidence Based Medicine II2 credits
 Total Semester Hours17 credits
Fall 1 Semester
PAST 522History & Physical II4 credits
PAST 525Clinical Human Anatomy & Physiology II2 credits
PAST 534Clinical Medicine II6 credits
PAST 533Pharmacology II2 credits
PAST 521Applied Clinical Skills I2 credits
 Total Semester Hours16 credits
Spring 2 Semester
PAST 532History & Physical III4 credits
PAST 544Clinical Medicine III6 credits
PAST 531Applied Clinical Skills II2 credits
PAST 543Pharmacology III2 credits
 Total Semester Hours14 credits

Clinical Phase

Summer 2 Semester
PAST 670Inpatient Medicine I4 credits
PAST 671Inpatient Medicine II4 credits
PAST 672Family Medicine I4 credits
PAST 640PA Seminar VIII1 credit
PAST 626PA Research Project3 credit
 Total Semester Hours16 credits
Fall 2 Semester
PAST 673Family Medicine II4 credits
PAST 674Emergency Medicine4 credits
PAST 675Obstetrics & Gynecology4 credits
PAST 676Pediatrics4 credits
PAST 650PA Seminar IX1 credit
 Total Semester Hours17 credits
Spring 3 Semester
PAST 677Psychiatry4 credits
PAST 678General Surgery4 credits
PAST 679Preceptorship I4 credits
PAST 680Preceptorship II4 credits
PAST 660PA Seminar X2 credit
 Total Semester Hours18 credits
 Total Semester Hours for the Professional Phase112 credits