Physician Assistant FAQs | Springfield College

What is the application process and deadline?

Applications open January 2024, for the cohort starting in January 2025. The deadline to submit your application is June 1, 2024. Interviews for graduate placement will take place in August and all candidates will be notified of the acceptance decision by September 1.

How many students do you admit per cohort?

This cycle we will be looking to accept 2-3 graduate students to enter the current cohort. We accept enough applicants to fill a class of 35 seats, a majority of which are students who enter through our undergraduate pre-professional program. Graduate students are admitted on a space-available basis to ensure that the class size is exactly 35.

Do I have to complete all the prerequisite courses before I can apply?

Completed applications are preferred, but you can still apply if coursework is in progress.

Are prerequisite courses waived if I have a college degree?

No, you must have a bachelor’s degree for entry into the graduate program, including all of the required prerequisite coursework completed within the last 10 years, with a grade of C+ or higher.

If I received a pass/fail grade in a prerequisite course will you accept that?

If you received a “pass” in a prerequisite course we will require a letter grade from either the registrar's office or from the professor of the course at the institution it was taken at. (In addition to the official or unofficial transcript.)

Are admissions tests required?

No (this includes GRE and MCATs).

I have completed some of the courses in the curriculum, can I jump ahead in the program?

No. All students begin and end the program as a cohort group.

I took the general chemistry course, but I did not take the lab. Do I need to take it?

Yes, the laboratory component is required as a prerequisite course, as indicated.

I have a medical degree from another country, am I granted an automatic interview and entry into the program?

No. Regardless of one’s background and previous education, all applicants are required to fill out the application and may or may not be granted an interview.

Do I have to job-shadow a physician assistant?

Yes, you are required to shadow a practicing physician assistant for at least 30 hours. A note from the physician assistant you shadowed (on office stationary or a prescription pad) should be included in your application stating how many hours you were present. You should not shadow a first-degree relative.

Do you accept virtual PA shadowing hours?

We will only accept virtual shadowing hours that are documented between the dates of March 2020- December 2021.

What counts as healthcare experience (HCE)?

We will consider any health care experience. Experiences/hours that involve meaningful interaction with patients as well as direct patient care are preferred. At least 30 of the 500 required HCE hours must be shadowing a practicing PA.

What does the admissions committee look for in a competitive applicant?

We look for overall academic excellence, particularly in the sciences, recent coursework, a passion for and clear understanding of the physician assistant profession, as well as healthcare experience and physician assistant job-shadowing hours.

What is the daily schedule like?

Students are expected to be in class Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 4 p.m., for 27 consecutive months. The program is full-time and is not able to be done on a part-time basis.

Can I work and still attend the physician assistant program?

Working is not suggested while in the program. This program is accelerated and very intense for the full 27 months.

Does the admissions committee accept online credit or credit from a two-year institution?

We accept credit from any regionally accredited two year institution. We accept online credit from a regionally accredited institution.