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Curriculum and Course Delivery

  • Earn a Bachelor of Science in a customized major
  • Take courses completely online or on-ground in Springfield, Massachusetts
  • Attend full- or part-time
  • Course sequencing guide

Start Dates and Course De

  • Online: Start in Fall, Spring, and Summer
  • On-Ground: Start in Fall and Spring

The following services are free and available to all Springfield College students.

Students in the BS in Integrative Studies major create a self-designed program, using a framework based on Springfield College’s core curriculum and the student’s specific disciplinary interests. This occurs in consultation with a professional academic advisor. Components of the major include a distinct core curriculum and a disciplinary or multi-disciplinary specialization, providing students an opportunity for both breadth and depth of study. It is an excellent opportunity for students to design an interdisciplinary major, explore their own unique interests, and/or prepare for graduate school or a variety of careers.

The BS in Integrative Studies is a flexible, educational pathway for the following students:

  • Adult learners or military veterans who have accumulated 60-75 credits at different institutions over the years
  • Transfer students who have completed an associates degree from a regionally accredited institution of higher education
  • Current or past Springfield College students who could not complete their initial degree program as planned

Students in the program are required to take SPCO 401 - Beyond Springfield College. In this class students integrate what they have learned during their academic journey and explore how they can leverage their bachelor of science degree beyond Springfield College. There are opportunities to reflect on what students have learned and achieved in their major, connect learning outcomes from the Core Curriculum, and define how their experiences have prepared them for post-collegiate life. (1 credit)

Did You Know?

People with bachelor’s degrees earned more than 40% higher median weekly earnings ($1,248) than those with associate’s degrees ($887), or some college but no degree ($833). Having a bachelor’s degree increases employability and earnings. 

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