Fieldwork for the graduate-level physical education program begins in the first semester, where students will gradually move from teaching small groups to teaching full classes in public schools and the Springfield College homeschool program. The practicum is typically completed in the final semester, and involves teaching full-time, 5 days a week in K-12 public school settings. Completing sequential, continual fieldwork supports the pre-service teachers in becoming more confident and competent, and in the ability to shift their focus from themselves to their students’ needs.

Upon completion of both the physical education initial and professional licensure programs, graduates will be ready to become physical education teachers at the elementary or secondary school levels. Recent graduates have worked at the Jabish Brook Middle School (Belchertown, Mass.), North Reading (Mass.) Middle School, Pine Plains (N.Y.) Central Schools, and King Open School (Cambridge, Mass.).

Studying Physical Education Professional Licensure At Springfield College