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Physical Therapy Graduate Tuition and Fees

Springfield College offers a Doctor of Physical Therapy in two different tracks.  

Track One: Direct Entry 

The direct entry track begins when a student enters Springfield College as a first-year undergraduate student in the health science/pre-physical therapy program.  In just six years these students will be able to earn a Doctor of Physical Therapy at a reduced rate.  In this program, students attend four years of undergraduate study with an additional summer term between their junior and senior year, followed by two years of graduate study after their undergraduate degree is conferred. Cost savings come in two forms:

  • Graduate-level coursework will begin during the student's year four of undergraduate study.
  • Grant funding is automatically applied to the student's graduate phase of study.
UNDERGRAD PORTIONFirst-Year Rate (2024-2025)x4 Years+ Summer Term between Junior and Senior (12 credits)
Tuition$43,800 $14,950
Required Fees$582  
Technology Fee$592  

Tuition and fees for the undergraduate portion would be reduced by a student's undergraduate financial aid.


Cost Per Credit

2024-2025 tuition rate


Year 1 Fall 

Term 1

Year 1 Spring

Term 2

Year 2 Summer

Term 1

Year 2 Fall

Term 2

Year 2 Spring

Term 3

Credits Taken per Term171821611  
Grad Fee$203$203NA$203$203  
Technology Fees$296$296NA$296$296  

As noted below, (up to) $10,000 SC Grant each three term academic year. SC Grant is prorated for academic years with less than three terms.

Tuition and Fees$21,103$22,315$2,424$19,891$13,831  
$10,000 SC Grant($3,334)($3,333)($2,000)($4,000)($4,000)  

Housing and Food allowance fees will be an additional cost if you reside in campus housing.

Track Two: Graduate Entry

The graduate entry track is when a new graduate students enters the Doctor of Physical Therapy program. Graduate students are billed tuition on a per credit basis each term of study.  A Doctor of Physical Therapy currently requires 112 credits where the 2024-25 rate for graduate tuition is $1,212 per credit.


 Summer Year 1Fall Year 1Spring Year 1Fall Year 2Spring Year 2Summer Year 3Fall Year 3Spring Year 3Total
Credits Taken Per Term121818171821611 
Programs Fees $275$105-$105$130-$185$79 
 $14,819$21,921$21,816$20,709$21,946$2,424$19,577$13,411$136,623 Gross


Course Fees

The Doctor of Physical Therapy program also includes the following individual course fees:

PHTH 638/Foundations I Tool Kit$275
PHTH 635/ICE APTA Membership$105
PHTH 637/ICE APTA Membership$105
PHTH 662/Peds Peds IP Conference$50
PHTH 670/Clin Exp I APTA Membership$185
PHTH 696/Prac Mgmt III PEAT$79
PHTH 658 Exxat use and access$80

A Springfield College graduate education is a smart investment.

We offer ways to supplement the cost of your graduate education through Fellowship and Associateship opportunities as well as Graduate Scholarship Awards. 

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Please note: The number of courses required for a degree and the course sequences listed are subject to change.