The support I have received from my supervisors and colleagues, especially as I develop my skills as a clinician, has made all the difference for me.

Alexander Lerner, Doctoral Fellow
Alexander Lerner

Clinical training is an integral part of the curriculum in the Doctor of Psychology (PsyD) program. Practical experience is designed to enhance academic coursework. Utilizing a developmental framework, students receive basic skills training in establishing therapeutic relationships, diagnostic assessment, and intervention with a wide variety of populations in practicum experiences. Students will complete a minimum of 1,400 hours of practicum experience before beginning their pre-doctoral internship. There also is the option of a fourth year of specialized practicum experience.

Once students finish with their practicum experience, they can start a one-year, full-time (or two-year, half-time) internship at an approved site, where they will dedicate 2,000 hours to perfecting their craft. Internship experiences focus on advanced clinical training in professional counseling with such experiences as treatment planning and evaluation, mentoring, supervision, consultation, and program evaluation. The practicum and internship training requirements are designed to ensure that students are competent in a variety of counseling modalities, including individual, couples, family, and group counseling, as well as in consultation, supervision, psychological assessment, career counseling, and evaluation of intervention efficacy. These skills include sensitivity to cross-cultural counseling and diversity issues.

Through the combination of coursework, practicum experiences, and an internship, students gain clinical experience, develop professional counseling skills, and begin to establish a professional identity.

Springfield College has developed affiliations with the following agencies in Massachusetts and Connecticut for potential practicum placements.

  • Family Health Center of Worcester, Inc.
  • Brightside for Families and Children
  • Baystate Medical Center
  • Carson Center
  • ServiceNet
  • Springfield College Counseling Center
  • Griswold Behavioral Health, Baystate Wing Memorial Hospital and Medical Centers
  • Assumption College Counseling Center
  • Counseling and Mental Health Services, University of Connecticut
  • Dexter Counseling Center, American International College
  • Counseling and Psychological Services, University of Hartford
  • UMASS Counseling Center
  • Walden Behavioral Care