School Counseling Careers and Internships | Springfield College

School Counseling Careers and Internships

We offer individualized fieldwork placements with outstanding supervisors, many leading to employment. You’ll spend more than 500 hours in the field, gaining experience and honing your skills. We have excellent partnerships with local schools, allowing our faculty members to collaborate with those counselors to refine course content and providing a wide variety of options for your fieldwork.

So, what do our graduates do after leaving Springfield College? Well, we’re excited to share because our results are impressive.

During the past five years, 96 percent of school counseling graduates found employment as school counselors, with many of our alumni now leading counseling departments in both urban and suburban schools.

Our graduates can be found working in elementary, middle, and high schools around the country, including Massachusetts, New York, Washington, Florida, California, Colorado, Maryland, North Carolina, Maine, and Connecticut.

What contributes to the success of our graduates?

  • A large, connected, and active alumni network filled with professional school counselors who are excited to help other Springfield College graduates succeed

  • Relevant coursework and a  phenomenal group of dedicated adjunct faculty who are current practitioners and who masterfully connect the classroom to the field