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ROTC Program

Become a cadet in ROTC.

Be a leader and make an impact.

Become a cadet with Army ROTC Minuteman Battalion or Air Force ROTC Detachment 370 and prepare yourself for the future. 

Madelyn Reppucci '20 of Springfield College is sworn in during her commissioning

Grow your passion for leadership in service to others through the Reserve Officer Training Corps (ROTC) program at Springfield College. Whether you choose to continue onto a career in the service, or you take these transferable skills into the job market, the ROTC program allows you to develop your leadership skills while working on your academic and athletic pursuits. 


Through the Army ROTC program, you'll have the chance to work towards a career with the Army for up to four years, where you are taking courses for college credit alongside your academic major. The first two years, your first year and sophomore year, are voluntary basic courses, with no military obligation. These courses provide you with a background on the military's role in society and the missions of the Army, focusing on leadership, land navigation, marksmanship, military history, and basic military skills. The final two years, your junior and senior years, are advanced courses with military obligation, including a five-week camp prior to the final year. These courses include leadership skills, training, personnel management, ethics, military justice, and military tactics. 

Air Force ROTC

Through the Air Force ROTC program, you will complete a program designed to train and commission officers into the United States Air Force. As a cadet, the first two years will allow you to complete the General Military Courses, which do not require you to commit to remain in ROTC or join the Air Force. The second two years will begin with Field Training, leading to time as Professional Officer Corps, where you will be contracted with the Air Force. Your time with the Air Force ROTC is spend growing your leadership skills, strengthing through physical training, and engaging with topics regarding becoming an officer, learning laws and policies, and general Air Force basics.

ROTC Grant

Army and Air Force ROTC cadets at Springfield College enrolled full-time and participating in the ROTC program will receive an annual undergraduate ROTC Grant of $2,500 each year from the College ($10,000 over four years/eight semesters). Grant eligibility is subject to change, however, if the Army and Air Force cadets are awarded a national/regional ROTC Scholarship that covers full tuition and fees. See below for more details.


Cadets who receive the national/regional Army ROTC Scholarship that covers full tuition and fees will receive a Springfield College grant that pays for on-campus housing and basic meal plan costs (less the student’s eligibility for Federal Pell Grant, Federal SEOG, Mass Grant and Gilbert).  This room and board and meal grant replaces the annual $2,500 grant mentioned above.

Air Force ROTC

Cadets who receive the national/regional Air Force ROTC Scholarship are awarded $18,000 toward tuition. As a result, Springfield College will provide the cadet with scholarship funding to cover the rest of tuition and fee costs (less the student’s eligibility for Federal Pell Grant, Federal SEOG, Mass Grant and Gilbert). The balance provided by Springfield College will replace the $2,500 ROTC grant and room and board.

Springfield College offers additional scholarships and financial assistance, which you can view here.

Present and Former Army ROTC Students

Michael Rossi '01

Steven Perry '04

Robert Jinks '05

Timothy Rose '06

Allen Davis '08

James Squires '09

Mary Hogan '13

Michele Markel '15

Nicholas Costa '16

Stefan Marsiglio '16

Kevin Richard '16

Joshua Rodin '16

Madelyn Reppucci '20

Jennifer Robinson '21

Liam Whitman '21