The Learning Commons at Springfield College
Best Spots on Campus to Study

Downstairs of Campus Union

The Union is a great place to study if you don’t mind a little noise. It’s where many people gather so it won’t be quiet but you are bound to see some of your friends there. It’s also a good spot to people watch. There are super comfy booths to sink into and spread out. There’s also plenty of long tables that are perfect for group projects. The best part about studying in the Union is Dunkin Donuts. Starting to crash while studying? Go pick up an iced coffee! If you get hungry while studying, go into Union Station, where you can get a burger, sushi, Subway, and more.

Fireplace in the Campus Union

If you are looking for a cozy environment, the fireplace in the Union is the place to go! Besides being warm, it’s also a great spot to snuggle in the big comfy chairs with your laptop and bang out a paper. Since you are still in the Union, you can just run downstairs get some food and bring it back up with you.

Learning Commons Cubicles

You can’t go wrong studying in the brand-new Learning Commons. Every floor is full of great spaces to work. But, the best place is the cubicles on the third floor. Each cubicle has a long table with six seats; perfect for group studying. Every cubicle is its own room and has a sliding door, so it’ s nice and quiet. The walls of each cubicle are white boards so you can write your notes and draw diagrams on the boards, which is a very useful studying tool.

Cooper Terrace in the Learning Commons

As I mentioned above, the Learning Commons has great spots to study. On the same floor as the cubicles is the Cooper Terrace. If you want to study outside, this is the perfect spot to do so! There are tables and comfy couches to lounge on while studying. The best part about the terrace is the views! You can catch the Pride Baseball Team practicing or a game and even the softball team. Plus, who does not love being able to study outside when it’s warm and sunny?

All Academic Building Classrooms - 4 p.m - 10 p.m.

One of the many pros about SC is that all of the classrooms in the academic buildings are open to students from 4pm-10pm. Most classes are over by 3:30pm, with the exception of a few night classes, so the classrooms are empty and ready for students to study in. It is a quiet, spacious spot, and you can even have one classroom all to yourself. These classrooms are great for group study sessions too! All of the classrooms have white boards that you can use, and you can even use the projector to display your notes and diagrams up on the board.

No matter where you go to educate your mind you can always count on it being a good spot. Springfield College is an inclusive and welcoming place so you are bound to find the perfect spot, even if it is not one of these places.

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