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Faces of Diversity: Danielle Clough, G'06

There were two major events in my first year and half of college that set me on my path of living my life out and honestly.

The first: In my first year of college, I had a mad crush on a senior (who doesn’t). Being around her was intoxicating. Unfortunately, as I got to know her I saw that she was drowning herself in her closet. I could see that her friends adored her, and probably knew her unspoken truth, but she couldn't take that step to trust them. I understood. It is a scary, that first step.

The second: In November of my sophomore year, one of our classmates was on a bagel run on a beautiful fall morning, she stopped at an ATM and was violently robbed and murdered. Just like that, she was gone from this world. We were the exact same age, same birthday and everything. We were just shy of our 19th birthday. As I processed this atrocity I knew what I needed to do. Something that was bold, for me. I needed to be me. To show the world who I was. Because if I, too, could be gone in an instant I would be damned if I was going to live in a closet for the comfort of others.

If someone hates you for who you are, that is their prerogative. If the hate is so strong that they want to harm you, well so be it. It won’t stop me from living the best way I know how—throwing love out into the world. You can never take that away from me, even if you destroy me. It’s too late— my love has spread to others, who passed it on and on… 

About Danielle Clough

Title of autobiography would be: Unapologetically Me

No one would suspect: I cry often and I’m super sentimental.

Why this profession: Anywhere at Springfield College is where I wanted to be… Graduate Admissions helps me bring people to a place I love! 

Favorite tradition: Picking out the Christmas tree.

Biggest adrenaline rush: Finishing a road race, especially if I ran with either of my daughters.

Swore you’d never do, but did: Get divorced.

Defining moment: November 1993.

A life lesson: Live as you are, not as others want you to be.

Second chances, yes or no: I’m hopelessly optimistic, so yes.

Remember me for: Most remember me for my sense of humor, but I hope my genuine spirit is memorable, too. And my hugs. 

About the author

Danielle Clough, G'06

Florence, MA


Danielle serves the college as the Assistant Director of Graduate Admissions which is a great fit as she is an alum from one of our graduate programs herself. When she is not on campus she can be found spending time with her family. Most often taking the dog on a walk or run, playing Uno with her girls, or enjoying a coffee.   

Danielle Clough