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Your How-To Guide on Springfield College Campus Involvement

During my four years at Springfield College, I was involved in MANY activities. So many in fact, that I can’t count them on my two hands. Of course, if you ask any college senior at Springfield College about their involvement, they will probably say the same thing. That’s just what we do. We’ve all gone through the process of being torn on what commitments to make when we first step on campus.

As a first-year student, it can be overwhelming at the club fair in September when everyone bombards you with the offer of free stuff as long as you write your email on a piece a paper. There are t-shirts, coupons to Dunkin’, pens, and more.

The following is my advice for getting involved on campus: 

1. Sign up for a lot of the clubs at the fair.

People understand that you’ll probably be signing up for tons of clubs and are ready for a rate of reconsideration. But you will start receiving email updates from each club you signed up for, usually including sign-up sheets for events each club is hosting. This is a wonderful way to find ways to be involved while also working with your busy schedule.

2. Make time for clubs that speak to your interests, not just your major.

By joining clubs that are outside of just your academic studies, you to expand the people you meet and help ensure that you are taking care of yourself. 

3. Try a club that is new to you.

With over 40 clubs and organizations at Springfield College, there is room to explore. You might find something you never thought would spark your interest. If you haven’t already taken a peek at some of what is offered, visit the website. You’ll find a list of the clubs and organizations carefully organized by category. My first year, I took this list and went in with a plan to search for clubs I really wanted to hear from on Fair day, especially ones that were new to me.

4. “What if the club I want isn’t at Springfield College?”

If you’d like to do something new, you’re very welcome to do so! The office of Student Activities is very open to allowing students to create new clubs on campus. I suggest you start by gathering a group of friends who are interested in also helping the club get started. 

5. Take time for yourself and your self-care.

This is a tip I cannot stress enough! Joining a club and going to a meeting or helping facilitate an event may be fun, but it is still a responsibility. Every once in a while, you need to remember to take a step back and do something just for yourself. Whether it’s reading a book for fun, binge-watching Netflix, or taking a nap, make sure you allow time for yourself. Your mental health is so important and sometimes we forget to put it first with our crazy schedules.


With this list, you should have a great head-start with your campus involvement. I encourage you to branch out, try new things, and explore who you are. By getting involved, you’ll learn and grow in so many ways during your four years.

About the author

Jess Ashe, 2019

Rhode Island

My name is Jess and I recently graduated from Springfield College, earning my Bachelor’s of Science in Psychology and Early Childhood Education! In my four years, I was a student ambassador, then student ambassador President, and was very involved on campus.

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