Every incident that is alleged to have violated the community standards at Springfield College is unique and is treated as its own entity. We meet with every student individually to allow the opportunity to openly and honestly discuss  involvement. Below is a brief synopsis of what a student may expect concerning the judicial process here at Springfield College.

If a student is documented by a College official, expect the following:

  • An administrative hearing will be scheduled for the parties involved with one of the hearing officers .
  • The student's class schedule will be looked up in PrideNET so a meeting can be scheduled without conflicts. Varsity athletic practices are not a reason to reschedule.
  • A letter will be sent to the student through PrideNET e-mail outlining:
    • The alleged community standards violation/s                                                                                     
    • The location and date of the violation/s                                       
    • When the administrative hearing is scheduled for                                                                          
    • Who the administrative hearing is scheduled with and the location of the meeting                            
  • On the date of the administrative hearing, the student should arrive on time and be ready to discuss the incident openly and honestly. If he or she does not attend, a decision will be made without their involvement and they will not be able to appeal the outcome.
  • Students have the right to an adviser of their choosing attend the conference with them, but it has to be a member of the College community (faculty member, staff member, or student) and may not be someone associated with the incident or a family member.
  • After the administrative hearing, the outcome letter will go students' PrideNET e-mail account letting them know if they were found responsible or not responsible for the community standard violation/s.       
  • The letter will outline if they have any sanctions to complete                                                                
  • They have a right to appeal the outcome within three business days by submitting this form.
  • Students need to ensure they complete the sanctions on time. Failure to complete sanctions on time will result in fines on their student account, which will not allow them to register for classes, add/drop, or participate in room selection.