If you, or a student you know on campus, are having a mental health emergency (e.g., suicidal thoughts/behaviors, homicidal thoughts/behaviors, hallucinations, delusions), please follow these guidelines.

  • During normal business hours (8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.) call the Counseling Center at (413) 748-3345. You may offer to do so on behalf of a student, with the student present, if he or she would be more comfortable accessing services this way. If necessary, accompany the student to the Counseling Center. The staff at the Counseling Center will work to quickly accommodate students in crisis who walk into the Counseling Center.
  • After business hours, please call the Department of Public Safety at (413) 748-5555 and ask for the counselor on call

If you are concerned about a student but it is not an emergency (e.g., the student’s mood or behavior has changed recently), please email or call the Counseling Center during normal business hours. If the student is willing, we will see them as soon as possible. We also are available to consult about the best way to support a student who is struggling.