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The Walk With Ease Program

Walk With Ease can help YOU to lead a healthier life. This 6-week program promotes fitness walking 3 times a week incorporating education, stretching, strengthening and the motivational strategies that you need to stick with it!

Walk With Ease is offered as both a group or a self-directed program.  

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Walk With Ease is a well-researched program that improves health and reduces pain in people with arthritis.  The program was developed by the Arthritis Foundation, but it is open and available to anyone who wants to improve their health.  If you are able to be on your feet for at least 10 minutes with no change in pain, you can participate in this program. In the group format, sessions provide socialization time, a brief informational talk, warm up and cool downs, and a 10-35 minute walking period.

Program objectives

By the end of the six-week program period, participants will:

  • Understand the basics about arthritis and the relationship between arthritis, exercise, and pain

  • Know how to exercise safely and comfortably

  • Use methods to make walking fun

  • Have a feasible personal walking plan with realistic goals for improved fitness

  • Know some tips, strategies, and resources to help minimize barriers to staying active and fit

What you’ll do as a Walk with Ease participant

  • Walking: 10-35 minutes, starting small and building up

  • Health Education: You’ll have access to receive the Walk with Ease guidebook.  This has all the information needed to help participants get ready to walk, begin walking, and keep walking. Both the guidebook and the corresponding lectures offered during the group sessions provide basic information on arthritis, managing pain and stiffness, tips on proper clothing and equipment, self-monitoring for physical problems, what to do when exercise hurts, and how to anticipate and minimize barriers to walking and physical activity.

  • Stretching and Strengthening Exercises: Participants are encouraged to do stretching exercises before and after walking, and to do strengthening exercises twice a week.

Motivational Tips and Tools: The Walk with Ease guidebook includes self-tests, a six-week contract and a walking diary to help participants identify needs and interests, set goals and rewards, and track progress. Each chapter contains motivational tips. Group classes refer to these tools throughout the program. Online support is available to every Walk with Ease participant.