Physical Education and Health Education

Unique Dual Certification Program Allows Teacher Licensure
In Four Areas In Four Years

Springfield College now offers dual certification in physical education and health/family and consumer sciences for elementary and secondary levels. This dual licensure program gives Springfield College students a unique advantage by preparing them to become teachers of physical education and health/family and consumer sciences for all grade levels in just four years. 
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Undergraduate Study in Physical Education and Health Education

Undergraduate study in Physical Education and Health Education

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Graduate Study in Physical Education and Health Education

Graduate Study in Physical Education and Health Education

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5 Great Reasons to Major in Physical Education and Health Education

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Physical Education and Health Education Mission

The mission of the Department of Physical Education and Health Education (PEHE) is to build on the Springfield College philosophy of educating the whole person— spirit, mind, and body—for leadership in service to humanity.  The nature of the physical education and health education disciplines require the balancing of the psychomotor, cognitive, affective domains in educating and preparing students for the profession.  Additionally, students are challenged to participate in service to others and to enhance their leadership skills, both of which will assist them as professionals in the physical and health education fields.

Specifically, the department seeks to further this mission by producing pre-professionals with the knowledge, skills, and vision to become the next generation of leaders in these fields.  The goal is to provide the best professional preparation program nationally and internationally. 


The department will accomplish these goals by continuing to:

  • faculty who possess high levels of expertise and demonstrate effectiveness in teaching;
  • academic programs that reflect contemporary needs in our communities and within the disciplines;
  • providing undergraduate students with early and frequent field-based experience in educational settings across all grade levels, beginning in their first-year and continuing throughout their four-year program;
  • providing graduate students with real-world experiential learning;
  • setting rigorous standards for student achievement; and
  • meeting accreditation standards for the various programs within the department.
  • service of PEHE faculty members in positions of leadership in national and international professional organizations;
  • service of PEHE faculty members as consultants in their areas of expertise to public and private schools, institutions of higher education, and/or other educational and commercial agencies; and
  • PEHE faculty members collaborating on projects with colleagues in various disciplines and/or working at other institutions of higher education, as well as other professionals in educational and commercial agencies.
  • leading applied scholarship with colleagues, undergraduate, and graduate students in service to local communities, state and regional organizations, as well as national and international projects;
  • engaging in peer reviewed and solicited involvement in publishing, presenting developing and/or evaluating programs and research; and 
  • engaging in professional development opportunities to enhance competency in the discipline and in the classroom setting.
  • mentoring by faculty, cooperative learning with peers, and collaborations with professionals in educational settings;
  • engaging in critical thinking and problem solving;
  • participating in college, community, and professional service endeavors that will enrich and augment curricular experiences;
  • creating safe and supportive learning environments where students can challenge one another to critically examine practice and knowledge;
  • promoting students within the college, and with state, regional and national associations for recognition; and
  • recognizing PEHE alumni for their effective professional commitment in education, health and wellness, sport, as well as other physical activity contexts.