All colleges are not the same.

A degree from colleges like Springfield means so much more! Choose a college that’s clearly a cut above the rest so that you can be a cut above the rest.

How is Springfield a cut above other colleges?

  • Close to 70 percent of our students graduate in four years, compared to 40 percent as a national average at schools in our category**.
  • 87 percent of our students come back for their second-year*, compared to 73 percent at other private colleges and 70 percent for public colleges**.
  • 98 percent of our graduates go on to find employment or enroll in graduate schools within six months of graduation*, compared to 84 percent at other private colleges and 73 for public colleges according to the National Association of Colleges and Employers. 

Springfield College is undoubtedly worth the cost, even if it means possibly costing more. 

However, we do work to try and make it affordable:

  • 100 percent of new students who complete the FAFSA receive financial aid to attend***.
  • Our average financial aid package is $30,000***.

Students from all over the country and across the globe have invested their futures in Springfield College. We will not let them down, and we will not let you down either.

*Springfield College Office of Institutional Research
**ACT 2017 National Collegiate Retention and Persistence-to-Degree Rates
***Springfield College Office of Financial Aid

2020-21 New First-year Student and Transfer Rates

Tuition and Costs

  FA '20 SP '21
Tuition $19,965 $19,965
Room (Double Occupancy) $2,900 $3,625
180 Block Meal Plan $2,428 $3,035
Required Fees $275 $275
Total Estimated Costs $25,568 $26,900
Total Costs Academic Year $52,468  

Fall 2020 housing and meal plan reflects a 20% reduction in fee due to adjusted housing plan for the semester

On average, our financial aid package is $30,000, which accounts for scholarships, grants, and loans. After the package is applied, the average cost—based on tuition, fees, and standard room and board—is $20,786. Some aid packages may be more or less than this amount.

Undergraduate Per Credit Cost (New, second-year undergraduate, and transfer) $1,200


Indirect Costs (estimated)

Books/Supplies (Cost varies by major) $1,200
Personal Expense Allowance $1,450
Transportation $900
Total Indirect Costs $3,550

Meal Plans

The meal plans include meals per semester, rather than per week, so you can have the flexibility to eat as you choose. Unused meals will be lost at the end of the semester, rather than at the end of the week. Plan costs cover meal plans for both academic semesters.

Plan Name FA '20 SP '21
All Access Meal Plan + $200/FA and $250/SP Dining Dollars $2,928 $3,660

180 Block Meal Plan + $320 Dining Dollars/FA
224 Block Meal Plan + $400 Dining Dollars/SP

$2,428 $3,035

128 Block Meal Plan + $320 Dining Dollars/FA
160 Block Meal Plan + $400 Dining Dollars/SP

$1,824 $2,280

64 Block Meal Plan + $400 Dining Dollars/FA
80 Block Meal Plan + $500 Dining Dollars/SP

$1,220 $1,525

Residence Hall Rates (annual)

More Information on Housings Costs FA '20 SP '21 Total
Double Occupancy $2,900 $3,625 $6,525
Single Occupancy $3,624 $4,530 $8,154
Change of Room Fee - - $35
Key Replacement Residence Halls (lost) - - $35
Key Replacement Off-campus Apartments (lost) - - $35
Lock Change - - $325
Lost ID - - $35
Housing Cancellation Fee - - N/A

2020-21 New First-year Student and Transfer Costs

General Fees

Athletic Clothing Fee $110
Outdoor Pursuits Fee $365
New Student Orientation Fee $130
Late Registration Fee $30
Commencement Fee (All but undergraduate full-time students) $50
Transcript Fee (Official) $7
Continuing Registration Fee $100
International Program (One-time fee) $250

Course Fees

Course fees are nonrefundable, unless the withdrawal is effective prior to the start of classes.

AEXS 101 CPR Certification Fee $95
ATRN 227 Ortho Assessment $50
ATRN 120 EMR/CPR/AED Training $35
ATRN 384 AED/CPR Recertification $35
Archery $22
Bowling Fee $100
EMSM 115 Part 1 Lab Shirt Fee $45
EMSM 116 Part 2 Exam Administration Fee $150
EMSM 386 Practicum Field Internship, Testing and Uniform Fee $380
EMSM 350 Paramedic Clinical Affiliation Fee $625
EMSM 374 Fundamentals of Search and Rescue $120
EMSM 375 Search and Rescue Management $70
Ethic Decision Making - Fee is charged to individuals attending for CEUs; students are not charged $70
First Aid/CPR Certification Fee $27
Golf Fee $90
Handball Fee $10
Hiking and Backpacking Fee $20
Kayaking Fee $20
Lifeguard Certification Fee $35
MOST 230 Land-based Outdoor Skills Equipment Fee $25
MOST 240 Water-based Outdoor Skills Equipment Fee $25
Music 130-131 Fee $450
OCTH 335 Client Occupations through Service Learning - Clinical Equipment $90
OCTH 501 Fundamentals - Clinical Equipment $165
OCTH 520 Pediatric Interprofessional Conference and Case Studies $50
OCTH 632 Occupation, Dysfunction and Adaptation in Adults II - Clinical Equipment $205
OCTH 683 Professional Seminar III - Practice Tests for NBCOT Exam $25
OCTH 687 Professional Seminar IV - Practice Exam fee $75
PHED 102 Uniform Fee (Professional Teaching Apparel) $165
PAST 540 Ethic/Professional Issues in PA Practice - Professional Organization Fee $180
PHTH 635 Integrated Clinical Experience $105
PHTH 637 Integrated Clinical Experience $105
PHTH 670 Integrated Clinical Experience $105
PHTH 638 Foundation of PT Practice 1 - Clinical Equipment $220
PHTH 696 Practice Management in PT III - PEAT Fee $79
Racquetball Fee $10
Rock Climbing Fee $10
SAASI - Fee is charged to individuals attending for CEUs. Students are not charged. $70
Sports First Aid Certification Fee $12
Squash Fee $10
Water Safety Instructor $35

Administrative Fees

Enrollment Deposit $300
Late Payment Fee $75
Void Check Reissue Fee $35
Returned Check Fee $35
Single Semester Payment Plan Enrollment Fee (nonrefundable) $50
Single Semester Payment Plan Enrollment Fee for School of Professional and Continuing Studies (nonrefundable) $25

Scholarships Available Now

High school students: You can earn scholarships toward your Springfield College education starting today. Through RaiseMe, we reward students like you for the great things you're doing while in high school, like getting an A or volunteering in your community.

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If you're looking for additional scholarships, view a full listing below of what we offer here at Springfield College.

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Best Value for the Best Education

We know you want a good deal. And, we have one. U.S.News & World Report ranked us on its list Best Value Schools for Regional Universities—North for the second-consecutive year. This ranking takes into account the College’s high-quality academic offerings and low cost. Come to Springfield College for the high-quality education and the affordable price tag.

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Best Value in the North by US News & World Report
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