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GSR - Step 6: Grant Award & Project Start

Post-Award Support Services

All grant awards for sponsored activity are reviewed and negotiated by Springfield College’s Academic, Legal and Finance Leadership team to ensure that the  terms are acceptable to the College and in compliance with existing policies and procedures. Only designated individuals are authorized to sign awards (grants, cooperative agreements or contracts) on behalf of the College.

  • Grant Receipt: You will be either emailed with the award notification as an attachment, or sent a hard copy, or both. Some awards notices will be received by the Project Investigator, President’s Office or the Office of Grants and Sponsored Research (GSR), or a combination thereof. In any case, as soon as you receive notification of a grant award, please forward it to the GSR.
  • Review of Award Terms: During the review of the entire award please note there may be terms that need review and approval by the Project Investigator or other College departments.
  • Award Negotiation: The GSR coordinates the negotiation of the award terms between Springfield College’s Academic, Legal and Finance Leadership team and the sponsor’s administrative authority.
  • Award Execution: A Springfield College signatory will sign the award once all terms and conditions have been finalized and the Project Investigator has agreed with the negotiated terms and conditions.
  • Award Expenditure Account: Once the award is executed, the Springfield College Controller’s office will establish a grant expenditure account, assign all grant account numbers, and set it up for spending. The Project Investigator and GSR will be notified when the award expenditure account is established.
  • Award Subcontracts: If there is a subcontract(s) under the award the GSR will draft a subcontract that delineates the scope of work, budget and any other conditions set forth in the grant proposal for the College’s Legal office, Controller’s office and the Project Investigator to review. Once a subcontract is finalized the Controller’s office will prepare the subcontract to be issued to the subcontracting institution organization.