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Post-Award Support Services

As you implement your project, you can consult the Office of Grants and Sponsored Research to assist you in meeting programmatic, financial, and compliance project management expectations of the sponsor. This support could include the provision of documentation, best practices in project management, templates, and access to training resources. 

As a grant award recipient, you will be responsible for two primary types of reporting to the funding agency on a regular basis:

  • Financial reporting to provide overall financial status information about the grant project.
  • Programmatic reporting to provide information on the grant project performance. 

The College Controller’s office will assist you in financial reporting and will respond to any audit requests that pertain to your grant award. A program officer at the funding agency will be designated to oversee your reporting compliance. Representatives from the funding agency may also perform on-site compliance visits.

Responsibility of the Project Investigator

As the project investigator, you are responsible for all actions required to manage and complete the research and/or programmatic aspects of the sponsored project. These include but are not limited to:

  • Reviewing the notice of award including all terms and conditions
  • Following all of the terms and conditions associated with the grant award
  • Fulfilling reporting requirements throughout the grant award period
  • Making requests for changes to an award in a timely manner before the project end, if necessary
  • Fulfilling financial reporting requirements with support from the Controller’s office
  • Ensuring that project funds are managed efficiently and effectively within approved budgets, and coordinating any requests for budget revisions and no-cost extensions with the Controller's office
  • Initiating hiring or assignment of individuals to the project that is consistent with the statement of work and project budget
  • Ensuring the integrity of all project data
  • Overseeing sponsor-approved subcontracts and ensuring the quality, timeliness, programmatic and financial performance of subcontractors
  • Abiding by current College policies on the use of human subjects in research