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Fellowships, Associateships, and Scholarships at Springfield College

Fellowships, Associateships, and Scholarships at Springfield College

Fellowships and Associateships

We offer fellowship and associateships which not only help afford advanced education, but also help boost your credentials. Fellowship positions include teaching, research, and/or coaching responsibilities and associateships include administrative and/or professional services positions.

Scholarships and Awards

We offer a variety of scholarships and awards to fit the needs of our new and returning graduate students. Eligibility for scholarships may vary. Some awards will require you to submit an application so be sure to check out our website for all the details.


Make a difference while earning your degree. AmeriCorps allows you to gain hands-on experience and extensive training in youth services while earning a living allowance and education award that can be applied toward tuition and qualified student loans. Depending on your academic program, you may be eligible to receive credit hours toward your fieldwork. 


Springfield College provides lifetime Career Services to its alumni. Current students begin this journey by gaining access to Handshake, an employment site accessible to current students and alumni of Springfield College. Access Handshake frequently to apply for area positions, make connections, register for events, and get a leg up on your career competition!