Primary Responsibilities:

The Academic Success Center’s Academic Coaching Associate performs a number of essential functions. The Academic Progress associate role is designed to be supervised and work directly with the Director of Academic Success Center to support for students in the ASC’s  Academic Coaching, Academic Progress and ASSIST Programs.  The Academic Coaching Associate provides direct student support with a small cohort of students, does outreach to students in academic need, works closely with other ASC staff and helps to ensure quality academic support and student satisfaction.  


Academic Coach Role:
Academic Coaches in the ASC enter into an on-going collaboration with their student clients. Academic Coaches help students in the following areas:

  • Establishing and maintaining positive daily routines and habits

  • Engaging motivation

  • Setting and keeping priorities

  • Developing strategies for breaking tasks into manageable steps

  • Keeping track of class materials and making time to better organize them

  • Making mindful decisions and solving problems

  • Taking and using class notes

  • Actively reading and learning from textbooks

  • Preparing for and taking exams and alleviating test anxiety

Some of the responsibilities of this role include:

  • Assessing academic progress through regular check-ins

  • Participate in both preliminary and on-going coaching trainings

  • Meeting weekly with each students for roughly an hour

  • Performing an inventory of difficult areas during your initial meeting

  • Documenting each coaching session using a given format

  • Communicate any training needs or student client concerns to supervisor

  • Enhancing student performance utilizing data, such as mid-semester grades, faculty feedback and attendance warnings. 

Secondary Responsibilities:  

Center Monitor Role:

  • Greet students and answer their questions, make the student feel welcome and offer assistance to the best of your ability.

  • Help connect visiting students to the appropriate resources within the Academic Success Center and other departments on campus

  • Monitor the space to make sure it remains an effective study environment

  • Oversee the Center’s equipment and space

  • Open and close the ASC as needed

  • Offer promotional or informative presentations as needed

  • Perform other duties as assigned

Fellowship Required Qualifications

Required Qualifications:  

Candidates for this position should be motivated, organized, and have previous experience assisting others in personal development. In order to get to know and understand the student, the ideal Academic Coaching Associate would be personable, have relationship building skills, and be able to use reflective language to let students know they have been heard. The Academic Coaching Associate needs to have the analytical ability to determine some of the key stumbling blocks and concerns an individual is experiencing that is negatively affecting their academic progress.

This position holds a considerable level of responsibility and requires a high level of independent judgment, initiative, and discretion. The Academic Coaching Associate makes frequent decisions regarding tasks, time, and data and is required to deal discreetly with confidential documents. This position can be challenging with the high volume of communications, follow up with student clients, and prioritizing numerous projects and tasks. A student in this position must be tactful and supportive as well as protective of student privacy.  


Position Requirements: 

  • Ideal candidates would have some longevity in this role and thus we are looking for students who will be available for multiple years.

  • This role utilizes a wide variety of technologies and software platforms.  Ideal candidates should have a good familiarity with using technology and a good comfort level to learn new software

  • This ASC associate will work his/her hours on a set weekly schedule with their hours spread over multiple days per week in the ASC. Therefore, candidates who live at a reasonable distance from campus may find this a more rewarding position than those who live far from campus.

  • When scheduling interviews for potential candidates, incoming graduate students who have been accepted and deposited will be given preference.

  • Successful applicants for this position need to be in good academic standing. Graduate students currently in their program need a cumulative 3.0 GPA or higher and new graduate students need a cumulative 2.5 GPA or higher. 


Andrew Wilcox, Director of the Academic Success Center