The Academic Progress Program is designed to provide assistance and support to help improve academic skills, performance, and standing for the students on academic warning and academic probation (including continued academic probation). Students with the Academic Standing Status of academic alert are also encouraged to participate in the Academic Progress Program. Students on academic warning and academic probation are assigned to an ASC staff member based on their class year. First year students will work with the First Year Success Coordinator and all students in upper class years will work with the Director of the Academic Success Center.

The Academic Progress Program offers:

  • An important and detailed letter from the assistant vice president for academic affairs explaining the student's academic standing and its consequences.
  • An academic progress orientation session at the start of the semester.
  • Meetings with an academic success mentor every week to assist with time management and study skills, and to monitor academic progress.
  • An initial academic assessment appointment.

Academic Progress Orientation Sessions

The Academic Progress Program will offer two orientation sessions at the beginning of the semester. These sessions are designed to give students an overview of the program and opportunities to ask questions, become familiar with various academic resources, and set appointments concerning academic standing with College administrators and staff. Students will be provided:

  • An overview of the wide-ranging services and programs offered by the Academic Success Center.
  • An explanation of the academic coaching process and a chance to submit preferred days and times for weekly coaching sessions.
  • An opportunity to set an initial academic assessment with the either the Director of the Academic Success Center or the First Year Success Coordinator.
  • A summary from the Academic Advising Center of the course repeat policy and the need to design an appropriate course schedule for the semester before the add/drop period ends.
  • A chance to establish an appointment with staff from the Academic Advising Center to review student course schedules.

The academic progress orientation sessions will be held on the Thursday of the first week of classes at 12-1 PM and 4-5 PM. They are usually scheduled in in Hickory Hall 110. All students who are on academic warning or academic probation are required to attend these sessions. If, for matters of privacy, students do not wish to attend the academic progress orientation sessions, they must contact Andrew Wilcox, the Director of Academic Success Center at 413-748-3720 or Students are asked to indicate which academic progress orientation session they plan to attend by filling out the Academic Progress Orientation Sessions RSVP.

Consequences of Academic Probation

  • Students on academic probation will be allowed to continue to take courses at Springfield College for one semester, giving them an opportunity to raise their cumulative GPA to the minimum acceptable standard. Failure to achieve that standard at the conclusion of that semester, or to make significant improvement, will result in academic dismissal.
  • Students on academic probation are required to participate in the Academic Progress Program.
  • Students who are on academic probation are officially ineligible to receive financial aid.
  • Students who are on academic probation are ineligible to participate in intercollegiate athletics.