Students experiencing academic difficulties may benefit from working one-on-one with an academic coach. Academic coaches help students to put together a plan for success by focusing on the individual's academic strengths and weaknesses. Academic coaches are available to help students address problems that impede academic progress such as procrastination, time mismanagement, and related issues. Academic coaches develop plans to strengthen specific academic skills after an initial assessment.

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Focal areas include:

  • Establishing and maintaining positive daily routines and habits
  • Avoiding procrastination
  • Setting and keeping priorities
  • Developing strategies for breaking tasks into manageable steps
  • Keeping track of class materials and making time to better organize them
  • Assessing academic progress through regular check-ins
  • Making mindful decisions and solving problems
  • Taking and using class notes
  • Actively reading and learning from your textbooks
  • Preparing for exams
  • Test taking and alleviating test anxiety
  • Concentrating during study sessions

Tutorial Services

Offering peer tutoring in math, science, writing, content courses, and more.

Disability and Accessibility Services

Offering academic accommodations and support services to students with disabilities

Academic Coaching

Offering individualized enhancement of time management and learning strategies.