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Physical Education Pedagogy - Secondary

Primary Responsibilities:

The teaching fellow will assist in a methods course focused on teaching students in grades 6-8 and 9-12 that involves both a lecture and a lab portion.  During the lab portion of the course, students travel to field-based sites to supervise and observe the assigned teaching episodes. During the lectures, the teaching fellow assists in presenting the content.  The teaching fellow will design and deliver full lectures or lecture segments.

One significant portion of this position involves clinical supervision and transportation to the clinical site.  This course trains pre-service teachers to teach both health education and family consumer science.  Students enrolled in the course observe and teach under the supervision of three practitioners clinical placements in communities surrounding the Springfield College campus. The graduate fellow will assist the faculty member in transporting students to and from these clinical placements.  The teaching fellow will also assist in evaluating pre-service educators during their teaching episodes, as multiple students often teach at the same time.

Following teaching episodes, the graduate fellow will assist with post-conference meetings to discuss the field teaching episodes. The feedback shared during post-conferences is critical to informing the practice of the pre-service educators enrolled in the course.

Responsibilities fulfilled by this graduate fellow includes the following:

  • Grade reflections, class assignments and lesson plans/reflections for each lab day
  • Field questions and emails regarding class material, lab, etc.
  • Manage student Google Drive accounts as well as assisting in the management of ​the Course Document folder.
  • Coordinate the rotation of students between health education and family and consumer science placements
  • Develop and create new grading sheets as well as descriptions of assignments for ​the students.
  • ​Provide feedback to lab students during their teaching experiences out at ​the school.
  • ​Meet with students regarding teaching strategies, concerns and questions.
  • ​Drive van with students to and from schools.
  • ​Assist in developing content for lecture and lab; gather materials, set up and co-teach or facilitate activities within the class period.
  • Discuss feedback with students following teaching episodes.

Secondary Responsibilities: 

Assist with coordinating schedule for community service sessions associated with labs.  Includes coordinating required documentation with community partner, Manage student Google Drive accounts as well as assisting in the management of the Course Document folder. ​Drive van with students to schools. Secondary responsibilities can include scheduling teaching opportunities for the lab experience, collecting CORI forms, assisting the faculty member with data entry from research and/or grading assignments, and keeping files of each student on Google Drive.

*Compensation listed is for Ph.D. candidates only.

Fellowship Required Qualifications

Required Qualifications: 

  1. Certified health teacher license and/or teaching experience in the field
  2. Valid Driver’s license
  3. Ability to obtain driver safety certification
  4. Competent in educational technology

Position Requirements:

  1. Limited to individuals from a health education/health promotion background
  2. Relevant and contemporary content and pedagogical knowledge in the field of Health Education
  3. Ability to observe and analyze best practices in a Health Education venue and subsequently provided valuable feedback conducive towards improving the student’s ability to deliver effective lessons to “real” learners
  4. Ability to correct and score written lesson plans in the Health Education discipline
  5. Interpersonal skills suitable for meeting and conducting meaningful dialog/feedback with enrolled students including the display of compassion as the evolving pre-service teachers hone their craft
  6.  The ability and attitude to display the highest degree of responsible and professional behaviors displayed at all times.

Hours per week:                    20 hours a week

  • Available Positions: 1
  • Stipend: $5,000
  • Tuition Waiver: 30
  • Faculty Contact: Dr. Steven Groccia