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Social Work - Post-Master's Certificate

Primary Responsibilities:

Primary responsibilities are associated with teaching and research.  The fellow will be engaged and working with two faculty members, Dr. Walter Mullin and Dr. James Canning, to assist with classroom instruction.  Duties may include the following:

  • Assisting faculty members in preparation of classroom material to be used in Post-master’s Certificate Program in Trauma-informed Practice with Children and Adolescents.
  • Assisting in delivery of class material with special attention to the effective use of technology. 
  • Assisting students who need additional help or resources.
  • Assisting students in end of year class presentations. 
  • Assisting faculty members with research connected to the impact of trauma on children, adolescents and families.  


The graduate fellow will have teaching and research responsibilities in the Post-master’s Certificate Program in Trauma-informed Practice.  Responsibilities include preparation of classroom material to be delivered by the instructor, attending each class to manage group experiences, and assisting with classroom technology.  The graduate fellow will assist students in the program with their preparation for the in-class presentations given at the last class of each semester.  The fellow will maintain contact via email with the students and assist in any educational challenge.  The fellow will assist in program evaluation.  The fellow will also remain current in new research connected to the weekly topics studied by students.  In addition, the graduate fellow will conduct assist in research projects on family interventions, oral health, and mental health with the supervising faculty. 


Secondary Responsibilities: 

Secondary responsibilities include administrative tasks approximately 35 or 40 percent of time.  Possible duties include:

  • Administrative responsibilities associated with recruitment of students;
  • Assisting the faculty member with doing administrative duties associated with research, such as data entry. 
  • Other office management tasks, such as copying, filing, etc.

The graduate fellow will complete administrative tasks such as copying material to be used in class.  The fellow will also maintain attendance records, which are needed to verify that students in the program have completed the attendance requirement.  The fellow will also assist in marketing the post-graduate program.   


    Fellowship Required Qualifications

    Required Qualifications: 

    • The fellow needs to demonstrate strong interpersonal and management skills to assist in the classroom experience.
    • The fellow needs to be in good standing academically in the School of Social Work and needs to be interested in direct practice with children and adolescents.
    • The fellow must have basic knowledge of qualitative research in social work and have graduate level writing skills.


    Position Requirements:

    The fellow must be a graduate student at the Springfield College School of Social Work.