Fifty Two years after I walked onto the Campus of Springfield College, I have the distinct honor and privilege of receiving this award.

Fifty two years ago I would have been considered an "odds on favorite" not to last one year at the college. I knew Springfield was the YMCA school, and if I wanted to become a Physical Education teacher than Springfield was the place to attend. Having no interest in Physical Education or the YMCA, I knew my stay was intended to be a short one. It was merely a way to get out of the Bronx.

During the first year at the College I made friends with students that have lasted 52 years. These friendships convinced me to return my sophomore year.

During my sophomore year Howard Bavender a visiting professor from Millsaps College in Mississippi changed my life. He convinced me to change my major from Physical Education to American Studies.

After three years at Springfield, Professor Bavander insisted I take the Law School admission Boards. What chance did a Springfield student in 1963 have in competing with Ivory League students for admittance to Law School? Was my education at Springfield adequate to allow me to compete with these students from such prestigious schools? The answer was unqualifiedly YES!!!!!

I did exceedingly well on my Law Boards and was accepted for admittance at three of the top ten law schools in the country. The education I received at Springfield was second to none. The quality of professors and classmates are comparable with any and all other institutions of higher learning.

  • My classmates are world class scientists, physicians, financial analysts, businessmen, economists etc.
  • Springfield College graduates can compete on the highest of levels with anyone, anytime, anyplace.
  • During these last 52 years I have had successful careers in Law, Politics, and Business.
  • During those years I have met top graduates from every prestigious university in this county, and many oversees.
  • I make it a point to say I graduated from Springfield College, even if not asked.
  • Springfield College gave me an education that benefited me in every aspect of my business and personal life.

I have immense gratitude, and appreciation that I stayed at Springfield, graduated, and went on to compete in a world that I was indeed ready for.