Impacts and Outcomes

AmeriCorps makes an impact.

Through AmeriCorps programs, students, retired educators, community members, and more are out there making a difference—one student at a time. To get a sense of how we lead in service to others, explore our impacts and outcomes below. 

AmeriCorps student at Springfield College

In 2013-14, AmeriCorps members from the School Turnaround Initiative provided service to more than 800 at-risk students in Springfield, completing more than 40,000 hours of service. Members had significant impacts on attendance, behavior/disciplinary issues, and academics.

  • 62% percent of students served who were chronically absent (attendance rate less than 80 percent) in 2013 improved their attendance rate in 2014 by an average of 12 percent (21 school days)
  • 67% percent of students who had disciplinary incidents in 2013 decreased their number of disciplinary incidents in 2014 by an average of three incidents per student
  • 55% of students surveyed increased their academic engagement
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