Wondering exactly what you can do to step in? Try one of the three D's.


Sometimes it's important to take a direct approach. If you need to provide immediate care for a friend or talk to someone about the language they're choosing to use, it's important to do it yourself. 


If you want to something, but aren't sure that you want to address the situation itself, create a distraction. Spilling a drink on someone, asking one of the individuals involved to go to the bathroom with you, or asking for someone to help you with a task can get a potential victim out of a sticky situation. This might just be enough to diffuse the situation and keep everyone safe. 


It's always okay to get someone else involved. You could find the individual's friends and get them to help, call Public Safety, or reach out to your other resources (this will likely work better if the situation isn't an emergency). Working in a team makes most inventions easier. 


No matter which route you choose, make sure you are safe!